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September 02, 2012

Hi, here! Today you are in one of the stops in the Mana's Blog Tour. I want to thanks to Enchanted Book Promotions for providing the copy to do this review. Also in this stop you'll find an expert and a giveaway, so continue riding...

by Asher Tensei
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: September 7, 2012
Publisher: Malachite Quills Publishing
Format: e-book
Pages: 172

Eurich is thrown into a seemingly ill-fated destiny. After learning of his legendary magic, he is convinced that he alone must stop an impending doom, but nothing is ever as it seems. His best friends Jason and Raine try their best to help him save the world, but help isn’t what he needs —he needs a way across the barrier.
Despite this fate thrust upon him, Eurich knows what is coming. The world is headed toward Chaos due to a weakening barrier between Earth and a world that has been hidden for millennia.
Our world is about to take a sharp turn for the worse. Extra moons are rising in the sky, and panic is at an all-time high. Worst of all, there are no explanations.
Saving the world begins with a choice —but is humanity worth him risking his own life?
*A copy was provided by Enchanted Book Promotions exchange for a honest review*
My thought
Just looking the cover you can figure what is waiting for you inside the books, with this neon purple and the necklace.
I've ended the book, and I can say that I really like it. It's so interest, and amazing how the author manages to introduce you into the magical world he has created in this novel. Tensei have made an impressive work in his debut novel, in the experience of reading Mana you can connect so strong with the characters through writing that has the book, which describes what is happening in a way that you going imagining it at second, immediately transporting you to the world of Mana's. The best part of this book is that the descriptions do not make heavy reading or boring, in fact, quite the opposite these more easily allow you to immerse yourself in the reading, which for me is totally a plus, since I really do not like much the books that give only vague descriptions of the characters, I prefer those who are well trained like Erich, the protagonist of Mana's.
Another plus is the realism that you can found in it, I know, it's a contradiction is totally what I'm saying, but I really felt it this way, it was just like the connection I have with some books, and actually I'm really happy of being part of this blog tour, because for it I had the opportunity to discover this gorgeous book. If you are one who enjoy with reading with magical details this is your perfect reading.
My rating : 4/5 

“I don’t really care about them being pretty. I like them just fine, though I think Patricia could be a little taller.” Eurich chuckled.
“I see them.” Jason stood with his back leaning on the table.
“Boy am I tired,” Raine complained, dropping her black garment bag on the table when she approached it.
“Raine made me put back at least ten dresses, she’s got really picky taste.” Patricia huffed, then sat down.
“I think she was getting back at you for throwing her food away.” Eurich got up and turned on the flat panel television that hung from the foundation.
“Let’s hope not, I found some really cute ones.” Patricia turned toward the TV as soon as Eurich turned it on..
“CNN?” Raine complained again. Everyone that she could see through the glass doors were watching in awe for some reason, the same reaction came from the people who were outside.
“Just moments ago.” Raine turned as the newscaster on the television spoke. “A strange occurrence has people questioning about what is happening in the sky. Not only was it seen here, but it was also seen in the Bahamas and across the North Atlantic. It is worldwide and given the short time in which it’s risen, scientists cannot even begin to explain what is happening. The appearance of a second moon visible from earth, what does this mean? Are the doomsday prophecies correct? Are aliens finally giving us a final clue? Stay tuned for more.”

Author Bio
Although Asher Tensei is relatively young, he has already traveled the world as he has been a military brat since the age of four. He has always wanted to share his creative writing, and it was in Germany that he realized people also really enjoyed reading his stories. Mana was composed shortly after and it instantly got the support of a small but enthused local readership. Few could believe that Asher had written a full length novel during his fifteen minute breaks while working at Burger King. He is very passionate about the fantasy genre and graciously gives thanks to the one series that made him realize that writing high concept YA fantasy was something he wanted to do--The Twilight Saga. He maintains, and frequently updates, his site website.
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I hope that you have enjoyed it.
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  1. I enjoyed reading you review for Mana. I'm especially intrigued by you mentioning the book has magic, but is also realistic. I haven't read many magical realism books yet, so I'm definitely going to give this one a try.

  2. Great review! Looks like a good book. Thanks for hosting a giveaway! :)
    - Sam @ SIK Book Reviews

  3. I like you've enjoyed it Majanka! It make me so happy. Oh you should this book worth it, I totally recommend to you.

    Thanks Sam. I love doing giveaways! Soon will be another :D

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