About me
So, this is my little side in the world, so I build my own world, I look for enchanted forests, I live in my imagination and the desire to discover. I hope soon to read you around.
Now seriously,  my name is Camila, I'm sixteen (yeah, sweet sixteen +.+) year old, I'm , I'm in my junior year and thenafter I'll go to the college to study to became in a translator/teacher English-Spanish. I love meeting new people, I got lupus but I try to enjoy every day, I do not like to be sad because I think there is no time to cry.
I hope you like the blog and give me your opinion, so I can only advance :)
For those who want to contact me to discuss about the blog, about the life, about all or just to say hi, feel free to email me: sweetarace@gmail.com and of course you always going to find me on Twitter and Facebook. So you know, if you want to meet me more, feel free to ask :)

About the blog 
The name of the blog came to my mind when one day my mom came in my bedroom and notice that it’s a mess and when she see at my bed scream: “Camila, why you have those BOOKS down your pillow?” I'm not kidding you, sometimes I sleep with my books just down my pillow, is just this I-believe-that-I-had-a-connexion with-my-books thing. And since my Mom dosen't like so much that I read books (yeah, it's silly thing, but she does, and now, I don't care it so much) she freak out about it [insert a Sheschire smile here] then I stand up and hug her smiling and saying loud "Mom this is the perfect name to my blog!". I get a I-don't-know-what-about-you-are-speaking look, and then she's gone, but the best part is that I got my blog's name.
This will be an adventure.


Eden Baylee said...

Hi Camila, you have a beautiful website. It's nice to meet you here. I wish you much luck with your blog and writing,


Anonymous said...

Hi Eden, thanks so much your words! Nice to meet you. So this almost-month I'm be feeling so lucky! :D

Shari A. Brady said...

Hi Camila,
Thank you for taking the time to read my novel and post a review. I'm so glad you love the characters as much as I do. And, I love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari, thanks so much you for writing such amazing book, it enchanted me since the first page :D Have been a huge pleasure reviewing it :D

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