Book Soulmates
This is my very first time participating in the RAK (Random Acts of Kidness) Wishlist, so I think I'll take a little bit of time to send a book to some, because I only have book in Spanish, (if you read in Spanish I'll be so glad of sending something, just let me know). But in these time I'll be sending some handmade bookmarks and other that I've got.
I'm fine with ARC's, eBooks , paperbacks, hardbacks, so feel free to contact me at sweetarace@gmail.com, if you want to send me something, or if you want I send you bookmarks, I love doing it.


miki said...

You have to check but sometimes it will be more easy for you to use bookdepository to send book because of the free shipping

Anonymous said...

I'll be checking it by the time I got a debit visa ^^

Anonymous said...

Honored to be on your list! xoxo

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