Camila is here!!

August 13, 2012
Hi everyone! It's me (obviously ^^). So, this is my firts blog in english, so a hope that you be patient with me, 'cause sometimes I don't know the right word to express my ideas, ok? Wow, I'm really exited about it. I have some other blog but in Spanish. Let me tell you something about me, and why I decide do this blog. Mi mane's Camila, I'm in my junior year and I doesn't like go to school. Say that I'm a one-day-yes-one-day-no student, I go to only when I fell hmmm... goood. So I love the English classes that I have two time at week. I really like read book, this is my passion (and the sculpture) I fly with all worlds that there are in the books.
OK, I think that I'm boring you... sorry ^^. So I hope that you enjoy the blog, I'll be posting reviews each week, some news, and information about the newest book that are being published.
And if you want to know more about me or the blog, just email me at


  1. i'm not a native english speaker as well so in understand what you mean^^

    don't worry the blogger community is cool so take it easy and just do your best

    (ps: for RAK normally you should write a sign up post each month you participate in^^ and each month a wrap up at the end of the month)

    1. Oh thanks Miki, it means a lot of to me know that you understand what I mean :D
      Yeah, there are nicest persons here ^^

      ps: Oh thanks dear, I forget that, this month I'll do that :)


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